Sanitary & Stormwater Sewers

The Public Works Department provides for the preventative maintenance, annual cleaning, and inspection of the city’s sanitary and stormwater / drainage systems in compliance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Community Rating Service (CRS) programs. Public Works maintains these systems to ensure their efficient operation, maximize flow capacity and reduce the possibility of sewage back-up in residences.

Sanitary Sewer Special Service Areas

  • Special Service Area #1 - Prospect Heights Sanitary District
  • Special Service Area #2 - Wolf Mandel Sanitary District
  • Special Service Area #3 - Country Gardens Sanitary District
  • Special Service Area #4 - Pinecrest Sanitary District
Portions of the city not within a Sanitary Sewer Special Service Area are handled by Old Town Sanitary District.

Stormwater Special Service Area

  • Special Service Area #5 - Palatine / Willow Storm Water