Department History

Celebrating 25 Years of Dedicated Police Services!

The Prospect Heights Police Department became operational October 1, 1990 with
  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Records Clerk.
  • 1 Secretary
  • 3 Sergeants
  • 14 Patrol Officers
Prior to that date, police services were provided through a contract with the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department. Today the department employs a staff of 31, along with 12 volunteers. The department’s total operating budget for fiscal year 2012 was $3.3 million.

In 1996, the department moved into a new modern facility at
14 E. Camp McDonald Road
Prospect Heights, Illinois 60070

Commitment to Raising the Quality of Life
The Prospect Heights Police Department is committed to raising the quality of life in the community and works very closely with the public in providing a wide range of programs and information.