Posted on: January 26, 2017

Airports are No Drone Zones

No Drone Zone.jpg

The Chicago Executive Airport is a wonderful attribute of the City of Prospect Heights where residents and visitors can marvel at the wonders of flight as planes takeoff and land on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these planes are not alone in the sky as drones become more popular. These remote controlled devices are fun to operate but if flown around an airport ARE A SERIOUS DANGER TO AIRCRAFT!

For those of you who don't fly, an aircraft approaching from the south as it passes over Quincy Park is no higher than 500 feet above the ground. If someone's flying a drone 100-200 feet in the air, that doesn't leave much margin for error.

Hobbyists should not operate drones within 5 miles of the Chicago Executive Airport, unless they are cleared by the airport operator and the airport control tower before they fly. Call (847) 537-2580 and mention DRONES.

If you notice someone operating a drone near the airport, report it on the airport hotline 847-537-2580, ext. 117.

For more information on drone restrictions go to www.chiexec.com/drones.

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