Refuse & Recycling

The city is currently contracted with Republic Services for refuse, yard-waste, and recycling disposal. Trash pickups are regularly scheduled on Fridays of each week. In the event of a holiday, trash pickups will occur one day later.

2017 Republic Holiday Pick Up Schedule

Further information or to replace a damaged / missing waste container, please contact Republic Services directly at 847-981-0091.

View more information about residential waste and recycling.

SWANCC Pharmaceutical/Sharps Disposal

SWANCC sponsors a collection/disposal program for expired or unused medications and sharps, and provides a proper collection container for needles. Recent research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that there are a substantial amount of antibiotics and steroidal hormones in rivers, lakes and wells caused by people flushing their medications down the toilet or putting them down the sink. Additionally, sharps can cause needle-sticks and health issues if thrown away in the garbage or put in the water system.

Residents are asked to leave their medications in the original containers and to mark out their personal information. No over-the-counter liquid medications will be accepted. No commercial or institutional waste will be accepted.  Please note that SWANCC residents are able to participate in any drop-off location.

To dispose of controlled substances, please refer to Save A Star drop-off locations or DEA Take-Back Days. Please refer to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's list of regulated pharmaceutical controlled substances.

SWANCC Medication and Sharps Disposal Guidelines