City Clerk

Responsibilities & Services

The City Clerk is responsible for keeping records and accounts and records of the municipality - therefore, making the role central to the transparency of the City as this entails keeping and making official records and legislation available to residents.

Some Clerk duties imposed by state statute and local law:

  1. Has custody of the City Seal and all municipal records
  2. Organizing and distributing City and Committee Agendas to the Elected officials, Staff, media and public
  3. Taking the City Council Minutes, preparing for approval, and then maintaining the approved City Council Minutes
  4. Maintaining Minutes from City Committees and making public all approved Minutes from City Council and City Committees
  5. Publication of legal Notices
  6. City Archivist
  7. The City Clerk is also the Freedom of Information Act Officer and Open Meetings Act Officer
  8. The City Clerk must securely store all City Records and keep locked any closed session Minutes unless approved for public release
  9. Administers Oaths of Office
  10. Should be a Deputy Registrar to register Illinois voters
  11. Witnesses all legislation with a counter signature on Resolutions, Contracts, Ordinances, Certificates and legal documentation
  12. Is responsible for the Issuance of Absentee ballot forms upon request
  13. Handles the administration of the local elected candidates and certifies the statement of candidacy for the County.
  14. Sets up the hearing and is a judge if a candidacy is contested, unless the contested candidacy is that of the City Clerk.
  15. Other assignments and responsibilities may be assigned to the City Clerk as per the City Council within the governing statutes and local City Codes
The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is to provide accurate information and courteous service in a timely and efficient manner with the highest level of professionalism.

The City Clerk may also assign a Deputy Clerk, as appointed by Council’s consent, to work under the administrative supervision of the City Clerk and assist in processing and organizing documents, as well as performing day-to-day clerical and administrative duties. (R-13-11, June 24, 2013