2020 Census - Everyone Counts!

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Everyone Counts!

The City of Prospect Heights is partnering with local Park Districts, Libraries, Houses of Worship, and community organizations to get the word out on how important participating in the 2020 census is to the Prospect Heights community. The City's official population is determined by the census and the number of residents in Prospect Heights directly affects what the City receives from the State and Federal governments. Federal elected representation, electoral redistricting, funding for public safety and emergency preparedness, grant funding, and the City's share of over $675,000,000,000 in Federal funds are all reliant on how many residents live in the City. Each person missed on the census is equal to the City losing over $1,500 in state and federal funding. In our hard to count areas on the east side of the City, the number of missed residents could be in the thousands which is worth millions of dollars of lost revenue and resources for the City

Help the City and its local partners in spreading the word "Everyone Counts!" to get an accurate count of Prospect Heights residents.

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