What are the main water transmission infrastructure costs?
These costs depend upon a number of factors. The type of infrastructure used, the amount of infrastructure needed to supply an area and the location of the area in regards to an existing water supply and the infrastructure needed to connect the supply.

For strictly informational purposes only, if the entire City were to acquire Lake Michigan water, the total infrastructure piping system for Prospect Heights would require 271,756 feet of piping (75,075 feet of 12”; 8,824 feet of 10”; and 187,857 feet of 8”). A total of 164 fire hydrants would be required. Approximately 2,500 buffalo boxes would be required - one in front of each home or business. A 1,000,000 gallon water storage tower would be required, giving the Prospect Heights Water System 1-1/2 days of supply. Two tanks at Rob Roy would be retained; each holding 250.000 gallons.

The 2013 Baxter and Woodman estimate for City-wide municipal water would cost approximately $80,879,000.

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