Building Department

The Building Department performs many functions and provides much needed services. In general the Building Department oversees all construction and development throughout the City of Prospect Heights as well as the maintenance and upkeep of existing properties. The Department consists of many various categories of responsibilities such as; Building, Zoning, Planning, Economic Development, and Health.

**** Adopted Code for the City of Prospect Heights ****

The document designated and marked as the 2012 International Building Code, specifically excluding all appendices contained therein, three copies of which are on file in the office of the City Clerk, and those portions of the documents entitled the 2012 International Residential Code and Appendix G, the 2012 International Mechanical Code, the 2012 International Fuel Gas Code, the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, the existing 2012 Building Code, Illinois’ currently adopted International Energy Conservation Code, the current State of Illinois Plumbing Code, and the 2011 National Electrical Code, as all may be amended by the City, are hereby adopted by reference as the city’s building code as is fully set forth herein for the regulation and governance of the installation, construction, remodeling, alteration, repair, and conversion of buildings within the corporate limits of the City, and it is hereby declared to be unlawful to be in violation of any provision of the City’s Building Codes or to cause or permit same to be done contrary to, or in violation of, any of the provisions of the City’s Building Code as hereby adopted by the City Council.

Building: We provide a detailed professional construction permit service, yearly residential and commercial registration and safety inspection programs along with a periodic health-safety inspection program for all businesses involving food.

Zoning/Planning: The Comprehensive Plan in conjunction with the Zoning Ordinance establishes the City’s goals and objectives for future developments. The Zoning Code establishes limitations on uses, location (setbacks), involving minimum or maximum building sizes and heights. Minimum parking standards are established specifically for the property usage and structures. Planning through establishing a written approved comprehensive plan and zoning code gives direction to staff and the public on proposed future use(s) of particular lots, parcels, and/or grouped areas. Check the zoning ordinance for setback, use, and height restrictions.

Economic Development: The City of Prospect Heights is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Our department offers an opportunity to meet and discuss your proposed business. We can discuss the details as it may relate to City, County, and State regulations and see how/where the business would be best located. Consider the City your partner to gain a successful business.

Health Inspection Program

The Building Department oversees the Periodic Health Inspection Program which consists of periodic safety/health inspections of certain businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores to ensure public health, safety, and welfare.

Building Permits

The Building Department oversees the entire permit process for any and all residential, commercial, and industrial construction throughout the City. The permit process involves the property owner or contractor to submit a detailed proposal of what they are requesting permission to construct or alter. The plans are reviewed for code compliance, upon correction and approval of the construction documents, the permit will be issued. The contractor(s) shall register with the city prior the issuance of the permit. Inspection(s) are required throughout various stages of the project; and approval is expected prior to continuing onto the next phase. A certificate of occupancy (approval) is required for newly occupied spaces prior to any occupancy.

 Permit applications are not accepted via email.  All permit applications must be submitted with a complete packet and hard-copy.

The disciplines of oversight include; Structural, Plumbing, Electric, Mechanical, HVAC, Energy Accessibility, Fire, Engineering, and Zoning. In general the construction, addition, and/or alteration of any structure including the removal and replacement of any HVAC unit(s), impervious surface, and/or grading requires a permit. This includes basic kitchen, basement and bathroom remodeling, but excludes cosmetic work such as painting. Note: The Fire District (FD) and the Building Department works closely with each other, but the FD handles all fire department related permits such as alarm and fire systems.

  • Building Contractor Registration (for all contractors except State of Illinois Licensed Plumbers and Plumbing Companies)
  • Building Permit Application (one simple generic all purpose application)

    Rental Inspection Program
    The Building Department oversees the Yearly Residential Rental Safety Inspection Program which was established in 2007. This program requires the landlord to register their property every year, which involves a scheduled safety inspection. The inspection reviews the property for any property maintenance violations or life-safety issues.

    Rental Inspection Fees effective January 1, 2008 are as follows: 1st inspection is $125.00, First re-inspection is $175.00, and all subsequent re-inspections are $175.00.

  • Rental Dwelling Registration Application
  • Rental Dwelling Inspection Checklist

  • Commercial Business Inspection Program
    The Building Department oversees the Yearly Commercial Business Safety Inspection program which was established in 2007. This program requires the business owner to register their property every year, which involves a scheduled safety inspection. The inspection reviews the property for any property maintenance violations or life-safety issues.

    · Business Registration Application