Building Inspections


In general everything should be inspected by the city inspector prior to concealing it when a permit is issued. Call 847-398-6070 x 211 to schedule an inspection.

The following are required general inspections where and when applicable for permitted construction(not all may apply):

  • Footing
  • Foundation wall
  • Spot Survey(submit to the office for administrative approval prior to framing)
  • Drain Tile/Damp-proofing (pre-backfill)
  • Underground Plumbing
  • Concrete and/or asphalt (pre-pour and final)
    • Garage Floor pre-pour
    • Basement Floor pre-pour
    • Stoop pre-pour
    • Sidewalk pre-pour
    • Crawlspace slab pre-pour
    • Driveway pre-pour
    • Patio pre-pour
  • Electric Service (panel &meter)
  • Electric—Rough
  • Plumbing—Rough (water supply/plumbing stack)
  • Fire Sprinkler—Rough
  • Building (Structural)-Rough
  • Mechanical(HVAC)—Rough,
    • including fire-stopping-(No foam allowed)
  • Insulation
    • Ductwork inspection If any part of the HVAC system is outside the envelope including ductwork, a pressure test (air-leakage rate less than 4cfm per 100sf) shall be performed by an approved third-party agency and their approved inspection reports shall be available for the inspector upon the insulation inspection.
    • Insulation certificates shall be posted in the attic and at the electric service panel. Their approved inspection reports shall be available for the inspector upon the final inspection.
  • Final Electric
  • Final Plumbing
  • Final Elevator
  • Final Health
  • Final Fire Department
  • Final Building(structural)
  • Final Mechanical (HVAC)
  • Final Accessibility
  • Final Engineering
    • (Also provide an as-built survey)
  • Final Energy Inspection:
    • Only new homes shall have a whole house pressure test (resulting in 3 air changes per hour) performed by an approved third-party agency. Their approved inspection reports shall be available for the City inspector upon the final inspection.

NOTE: To schedule inspections, call 847-398-6070 x 211 at least two (2) business days in advance of the requested inspection date.

Electricial inspections will be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only.

The property owner or representative must provide safe access for inspectors.

Additional inspections for code violations, failed inspections, complaints, etc., shall require a $50.00 inspection fee. All fees must be paid at City Hall prior to receiving any additional inspections. Inspectors cannot accept any payment.