Building Permits


In general a permit is required for anything that is new, altered, constructed, enlarged, repaired, moved, removed, demolished, converted, replaced or changed that pertains to occupancy, structural, plumbing, electric, mechanical, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning. Permits are required for but not limited to; re-dry walling, dormers, grading, re-grading, grade alterations, re-sodding, patios, driveways, balconies, water wells, sprinkler systems, parking pads, skylights, enlargement of windows/doors, accessory structures such as; pools, hot tubs, decks, sheds, and/or egress alterations. This includes; kitchen and bathroom remodels, basement remodeling and/or finishing, re-roofing, and removal/replacement of service panels, furnaces, air conditioners, and/or water heaters.

Permit applications are not accepted via email.  All permit applications must be submitted with one permit application and the appropriate number of complete packets of supporting documentation and hard-copy.

(Please call to confirm the number of complete packets needed)

Building Contractor Registration Application

Building Permit Application (one simple generic all purpose application)

Permits are NOT required for children play things, painting, papering, carpeting, tiling, cabinets and other finish work.

NOTE: Anything altered, enlarged, installed, and/or replaced shall comply with the most current codes.

After a permit is submitted, reviewed, and issued inspections are required:

In general everything should be inspected by the city inspector prior to concealing it when a permit is issued. Call 847-398-6070 x 211 to schedule an inspection.

The following are required general inspections where and when applicable for permitted construction(not all may apply):

  • Footing 
  • Foundation wall 
  • Spot Survey(submit to the office for administrative approval prior to framing) 
  • Drain Tile/Damp-proofing (pre-backfill) 
  • Underground Plumbing 
  • Concrete and/or asphalt (pre-pour and final) 
    • Garage Floor pre-pour 
    • Basement Floor pre-pour 
    • Stoop pre-pour 
    • Sidewalk pre-pour 
    • Crawlspace slab pre-pour 
    • Driveway pre-pour 
    • Patio pre-pour 
  • Electric Service (panel &meter) 
  • Electric—Rough 
  • Plumbing—Rough (water supply/plumbing stack) 
  • Fire Sprinkler—Rough 
  • Building (Structural)-Rough 
  • Mechanical(HVAC)—Rough, 
    • including fire-stopping-(No foam allowed) 
  • Insulation 
    • Ductwork inspection If any part of the HVAC system is outside the envelope including ductwork, a pressure test (air-leakage rate less than 4cfm per 100sf) shall be performed by an approved third-party agency and their approved inspection reports shall be available for the inspector upon the insulation inspection. 
    • Insulation certificates shall be posted in the attic and at the electric service panel. Their approved inspection reports shall be available for the inspector upon the final inspection. 
  • Final Electric 
  • Final Plumbing 
  • Final Elevator 
  • Final Health 
  • Final Fire Department 
  • Final Building(structural) 
  • Final Mechanical (HVAC) 
  • Final Accessibility 
  • Final Engineering 
    • (Also provide an as-built survey) 
  • Final Energy Inspection: 
    • Only new homes shall have a whole house pressure test (resulting in <3 air changes per hour) performed by an approved third-party agency. Their approved inspection reports shall be available for the City inspector upon the final inspection. 

NOTE: To schedule inspections, call 847-398-6070 x 211 at least two (2) business days in advance of the requested inspection date.
 Electrical inspections will be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only.
 The property owner or representative must provide safe access for inspectors.
 Additional inspections for code violations, failed inspections, complaints, etc., shall require a $50.00 inspection fee. All fees must be paid at City Hall prior to receiving any additional inspections. Inspectors cannot accept any payment. 

  1. Jennifer Myzia

    Administrative Assistant/Permit Clerk
    Phone: 847-398-6070 Ext. 211