City Supplied Water

The Public Works Department provides a safe, high quality, uninterrupted potable water supply for a portion of the city’s residents. Meter readings are generally performed on the first of every month, and water bills are issued on the 15th of every month. Bills are issued in postcard format, with options to pay online without fee for resident convenience.

Water Billing Issues & Questions

For water billing related issues and questions, including rate information, please contact Utility Billing during normal business hours at 847-398-6070 Ext. 214.

City Water Rates

Privately Owned Wells

Private Well Water Testing

Properties not serviced by the city water system operate on private wells. The City of Prospect Heights does not regulate private wells. Residents are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their privately owned wells. Property owners wishing to check the quality of their well water must perform their own research on available water testing resources. Click here for a google search of local well water testing facilities. The City of Prospect Heights does not recommend or endorse any well water testing company or governmental facility.