Senior and Disability Services

Telephone Reassurance (Well-Being Check) Program

Over the years the Prospect Heights Police Department has had occasion to interact with a number of residents, some of whom have been alone for so long that their wellbeing has been taken for granted, others who have recently suffered from ill fortune and are struggling to get back on their feet. In both cases it may appear on the outside that everything is fine but in all reality they may have reached a point where they could use a little helping hand. Many of these folks have come to our attention during recent periods of extreme weather. In response the Prospect Heights Police Department has developed a telephone reassurance program to lend our citizens and neighbors a little assistance when they may most need it.

The program is voluntary and our method is to call folks every so often to let them know that they are not forgotten, so to speak. We simply ask if a resident requiring special needs or assistance would like a representative of the police department to occasionally check on them. If they do we’ll fill out the “telephone reassurance” form and we’ll have one of our citizen volunteers call to check on them. This may be followed up by a visit from an Officer or a Police Social Worker. We normally encounter such residents on check for well-being calls for service, when encountered we can offer assistance through this program.

To sign-up, please contact the Police Department at (847) 398-5511.

Wheeling Township Senior / Disability Services

Wheeling Township offers a variety of Senior and Disability Services for qualified residents 60 and over and people with disabilities 18 and over.  For more information, go to, or call 847-259-7730.


Meals are provided for homebound seniors unable to prepare their own meals. Doctor's order is required along with home assessment visit. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday at Noon. A nominal fee is charged.


  • Medical Van: Trips to Doctors/Hospitals
  • Dial-A-Bus: Monday through Friday

Call 259-7743 for application and information regarding the above services.

Seniors frequently have questions about their Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance benefits, Circuit Breaker and Illinois Cares RX. The Senior Health Insurance Counselors (S.H.I.P.) can answer questions and assist with the paperwork associated with filing claims. The Counselors have also been trained in health insurance policy comparisons. The Senior Health Insurance Program (S.H.I.P.) is designed to help answer these questions at no charge. The volunteer counselors are trained and certified by the Illinois Department of Insurance, and are available one-on-one at Wheeling Township, call 259-7730 to make an appointment.


Applications for seniors (65+) are available through the Township office. The Special Users Travel Card allows residents to travel on any RTA funded form of transportation for free/reduced fare.

Provide up-to-date information on services and activities in the northwest suburban communities and beyond.

The Senior Advisory Council monitors all of our senior services and programs. The Council provides programmatic advice, speaks the concerns of their peers, responds to Senior needs through volunteer actions, sponsors Educational Forums on timely and important topics, and serves local government as the voice of our Senior population. The Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:30AM. For additional information, call 259-7730.

The Council strives to improve the quality of life for persons who have a disability. It focuses on the areas of awareness, education, access, employment, transportation, legislative, physical and mental health. The Council sponsors a Speaker's program, and networks with one another by sharing knowledge and expertise. The Council meets the 4th Thursday of the month - January, March, May, July and September. For additional information on dates and times, please call 259-7730.

Application forms and personal assistance for these programs are available in the Wheeling Township Assessor's office. For additional Information, call 259-1515.


  • AARP Driver Safety Program
  • Educational Forums
  • Temporary Handicapped Parking Cards
  • Handyman Directory
  • Secretary of State - Rules of the Road Review Class
  • VIP - Visually Impaired Support Group

Stop by Wheeling Township's Senior/Disabled Services at: 1616 N. Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights, IL 60004 or Call:


General 847-259-7730
Bus Service 847 259 7743
Fax 847 259-1570

Non-City Endorsed Resources

Ride Services

Connections to Care provides residents, 60+ years of age, with transportation services to their crucial medical appointments. Their service is volunteer based with the volunteer picking up the older adult at their home, driving them to their appointment, sitting and waiting for them and then driving them home. The service intends to allow the older adults to manage their health and remain independent and in their community.

For more information visit their website