Mission Statement

The mission of the Prospect Heights Police Department is to work in partnership with the citizens of Prospect Heights to enhance the quality of life in our city by:
  • Raising the level of Public Safety through Law Enforcement
  • Reducing the fear and incidence of crime
In striving to accomplish these goals, service will be our commitment; honor and integrity our mandate.

The department is divided into three basic divisions:
  • Investigations includes detectives and tactical units
  • Operations includes the uniformed patrol and traffic branch
  • Support Services includes records, social services, code enforcement, youth services, evidence and property control and crime prevention


The Prospect Heights Police Department, which exists to protect and serve the community, must always be guided by the principle that every individual has dignity and worth. In all we do, we must show respect for the citizens we serve and for the men and women of the Prospect Heights Police Department, recognizing and encouraging their individual needs, aspirations, and capabilities.

The mission and goals of the Prospect Heights Police Department shall be carried out in alignment with the following values:
  • Accountability: Promote responsibility among Police management, employees, the community, the City Council and other agencies, for public safety resources, strategies and outcomes
  • Empowerment: Encourage decision making at the most effective level and promote citizen responsibility and involvement
  • Partnership: Work in partnership with the community, City Council and other departments, service agencies, and criminal justice systems
  • Problem Solving: Use problem-solving methods to reduce the incidence and fear of crime and to improve management and operational approaches
  • Service Orientation: Provide supportive, professional service to the community and to employees by promoting human rights, mutual respect, and courtesy

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