Business & Liquor Licenses

Business Licenses

The City of Prospect Heights requires certain business types to obtain business licenses in order to operate within the municipality. Any establishment wishing to serve any form of alcoholic beverage or sell packaged alcoholic beverages must obtain a liquor license from the City of Prospect Heights and from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. Business and Liquor licenses run from May 1 through April 30.

View the fee schedule for businesses that require a license.

Liquor Licenses

Any establishment wishing to sell packaged alcohol for consumption off premises or any business wishing to sell alcohol for consumption on premises is required to obtain a liquor license from the City of Prospect Heights and the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. Click here for a liquor license application and click here for the liquor license classifications.

Rules, regulations, and license fees pertaining liquor licenses can be found in the City of Prospect Heights City Code Title 2, Chapter 3. The link to the City Code can be found at the bottom of the City website.

Application Process

Before the liquor license application can be considered by the Liquor Commissioner and the City Council, all new applicants must first go through a Background Check. To initiate the background check:

New applications for a liquor license must be filled out in full and returned to City Hall with:

  • There is a $100 non-refundable application fee
  • A valid lease or certificate of ownership for the location at which the license will be operational
  • Copy of valid Certificate of liquor liability insurance - must be provided to the Liquor Commissioner before the license will be issued
  • Copies of Basset certification for applicant and all servers or sales people who will be serving or selling alcoholic beverages
  • Two passport sized photographs of each named applicant

After a complete application is turned in at City Hall, the applicant will be sent to the Police Department to be fingerprinted.

The Prospect Heights Police conduct a background check, and then upon receipt of background check results from the State of Illinois Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of the Prospect Heights Detectives will present the findings and the suggestion to approve/disapprove the application to the Liquor Commissioner/Mayor. As per City Code, the Mayor is the Liquor Commissioner and has final say as to whether to refuse the liquor license application or to put on the City Council Agenda for City Council approval/disapproval.

Liquor Licenses are not transferable. Any changes to status of the holder of the license and/or the facility in which the license holder is employed, must be reported to the City immediately or the license may be voided. All licenses must be renewed yearly, on or before April 30. 

Any liquor license issuance requires approval through City Council action in the form of a passage of an ordinance.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding a current liquor license or a new application, please contact the Deputy Clerk, Karen Schultheis at 847-398-6070 Ext. 251.