Special Service Area (SSA) Subcommittee


  • Sean Dwyer - Subcommittee Chairperson
  • Elain Linehan

Steps to a Successful SSA

  1. Create a letter/flier to collect contact information for the proposed area and hand carry it door to door.
  2. Polling of the community
    1. What are benefits of adding city water?
    2. How are costs calculated?
  3. Creating an SSA board
  4. Obtain Property tax index numbers for all interested residents
  5. Refer to 2013 Baxter and Woodman Study
  6. Requirements of the Prospect Heights Water system
    1. Methods of payment for the infrastructure work
    2. Cost of bringing water from the street into the homes
    3. Advantages and disadvantages of alternative of financing ways of infrastructure
    4. Current rates for city water in Prospect Heights Water system
    5. Change of home value if Lake Michigan water is available
    6. Ability to retain private wells for outdoor use
    7. Possible purchase and expansion of American Water works system

SSA Subcommittee News:

1st and 2nd Water Survey Results

The combined responses from the first and second water surveys were reported at the April 23rd, 2016 Water Committee meeting.

7823 responses were received

  • 300 residents indicated interest in bringing in city water
  • 440 residents indicated that they were not interested in city water
  • 83 residents responded “Maybe” to the question regarding bringing in city water
  • 61 residents indicated interest in a well water forum to improve their well water
  • 209 residents indicated that they would like to volunteer or might be interested in volunteering on a sub-committee for the process for Special Service Area creation (bringing city water to an area) or improving well water quality