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Special Service Area (SSA) 6 Related Documents

How to Create a Special Service Area

Previous Water System Studies

Water System Study - 2013
Study was undertaken to update and re-evaluate the 2007 Water System Master Plan which included the potential expansion of the City's existing water system to provide Lake Michigan water to areas of the City currently served by private water wells or other Lake Michigan water providers, specifically Special Service Area 9 (SSA-9).

Water Rate Study - 2012
Study was undertaken to evaluate the existing network of City-owned water infrastructure in order to ensure that all systems are funded properly. Includes present conditions, future conditions, baseline cash flow analysis, rate structure analysis and rate scenarios.

Water System Master Plan - 2007 
Study authorized to evaluate the expansion of the City's existing water system to provide Lake Michigan water to the areas currently served by private wells or other Lake Michigan water providers. Includes a history of master plans, planning area, existing conditions, future conditions, evaluation of water system facilities, discussion of improvements, Engineer's opinions of probable cost and recommendations.

 "White Paper" Water Study Committee Summary Report - 2000
Study authorized by the Prospect Heights City Council to provide a current, reliable point of information and reference for water matters relating to the future. Includes the costs of wells and condition of well water in the City, cost of obtaining Lake Michigan water, water distribution history, eastside water system and Lake water considerations. Study also includes a history of water-related activity from 1976 thru 1999.