City Treasurer

The city treasurer is elected to a four-year term. The treasurer as custodian of the city’s money deposits city funds in depositories approved by the City Council as guided by statute.

The Office of Treasurer is required to keep records showing all money received, the source from which it was received, and the purpose for which it was paid out. Also, to keep an accurate account of all debts due to the city.

From the Office of the City Treasurer

Attention Comcast Customers in Prospect Heights

Beginning with your September monthly bill and with the approval of the City Council, Comcast will be adding a "PEG" fee of 35 cents per month to your television subscription service. A statement on your bill will read, “Beginning this month, fees used in your community to support Public, Education and Government (PEG) access channels will be included on your monthly statement. All fees collected are remitted to your local franchise authority.”

The PEG fee is earmarked to help support Prospect Heights Television (PHTV) for equipment purchases. AT&T and WOW customers in Prospect Heights already pay a PEG fee of 1% as a provider of TV and video service per their state franchise agreements. The PEG fee, along with their required 5% franchise fee, is remitted to Prospect Heights. Until now, Comcast has only collected the 5% franchise fee on customer bills. The 35 cent rate per month and not 1%, is stipulated in the local Comcast franchise agreement with the city. Please keep in mind that PEG fees only apply to cable TV services and not to any telephone, on-line streaming, or internet access services provided by any of these three companies. If you have any questions, please Email or call city hall at 847-398-6070.